Colin powell

Colin Powell

  • Colin is born

    He is born in Harlem, New York.
  • His family moves to Hunts Point in the Bronx

    No exact date
  • He enrolls in the New York City College

    He joins the ROTC program which he loves and also does very well in.
  • Colin graduates from college

    He graduates at the top of his class in ROTC, He becomes second lieutenant in the US army. No exact dates.
  • Goes to West Germany.

    He goes to Germany to serve as the platoon leader and rifle company commander. No exact date
  • Colin gets married

    Colin gets married
    He marries Alma Johnson. On that same year he goes to Vietnam to serve as the infantry battalion adviser.
  • Colin has first son and he recieves the purple heart award.

    Colin has first son and he recieves the purple heart award.
    Colin is in a helicopter crash and even though he is injured he helps to save others. Colin Powell recieves the Purple Heart award for that. While he is in action his son Michael is born. No exact date.
  • Daughter is born

    Daughter is born
    Linda Margaret Powell is born. She is an actress. No exact date
  • Colin becomes lieutenant colonel

    Colin becomes lieutenant colonel
    He recieves it after 12 years in the Army. For the average person it would take 20 years. It took Colin 12 years.
  • Annamarie is born and Colin gets MBA

    Annemarie Powell is born and becomes a television producer. Colin recieves his master MBA from George Washington university. No exact dates.
  • Becomes national security adviser

    Becomes national security adviser
    He becomes it in late December. He is the sixth national security adviser.He is 50 years old.
  • Joins Joint Cheifs staff

    Joins Joint Cheifs staff
    He is sworn in.
  • Becomes Secretary of State.

    Becomes Secretary of State.
    President George Bush appoints him.
  • Resigns as Secretary of State