Cold war

By ifazu
  • 1945

    • The four allies (USSR, USA, Britain, France) divide Germany into four occupational zones. -United Nations established -July 24: US President Harry Truman informs Soviet leader Joseph Stalin that they have nuclear weapons -August 6: Truman gives permission to the military to drop 2 atomic bombs on Japan in a span of 3 days in an attempt to end the war. -Igor Gouzenko who was a clerk working for the Soviet embassy, provides documents to the RCMP showing that there were spies in Canada
  • 1947

    -January 1: American and British zones in Germany are merged
  • 1948

    -June 24: Soviets order the blockade of all land routes from western Germany to Berlin in attempt to block French, American, and British forces from the city.
  • 1949

    -NATO is established in an attempt to resist communist oppression. (Consisted of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, The United Kingdom, and the United States)
    -August 29: The Soviet Union tests and successfully launches its first atomic bomb
  • 1950

    -North Korea (communist) invades South Korea (capitalist)
    -UN sends forces to aid South Korea
    -Chinese forces ally with North Korea in an attempt to protect them
    -China withdraws as it has strong relations with the U.S
  • 1955

    -West Germany joins NATO
    -The Warsaw Pact is established in response to NATO between Eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Bulgari, and the Soviet Union
  • 1956

    -Hungarian Revolution: Hungarians revolt against the Soviet dominated government but are crushed by the Soviet military; reinstate communist government
    -Suez Crisis: France, United Kingdom and Israel attack Egypt over disputed land. Lester Pearson encouraged the United Nations to send a peace-keeping force, later winning a Nobel prize for his efforts
  • 1957

    -President Dwight Eisenhower reviews the nation's defence and indicates that the U.S are falling far behind the Soviets in missile capabilities. This heightens the urgency between the two nations to spend more money on military, calling it the “Arms Race”
  • 1960

    -China argues to being treated as a “Junior Partner” to the Soviet Union, and declares its own version of Communism superior. This added a third dimension to the Cold War
  • 1961

    -New president; John F. Kennedy wants to put a man on the moon in an attempt to show off yet again
    August 13: The Berlin Wall is built in an attempt to blockade West and East Germany
  • 1962

    -US and USSR are on the brink of nuclear war as Kennedy finds out that the Soviets have been installing nuclear bombs and military bases in Cuba. Kennedy asks them to quarantine there bases, heating the crisis even more. In the end, the Soviets and President Kennedy agree to a secret agreement to disable all nuclear bases in Cuba
  • 1985

    -The Rocky series releases its fourth movie featuring the victory of an American boxer against a powerful Soviet boxer
  • 1991

    -numerous agreements are signed by China, the United States and the Soviet Union; limiting nuclear testing
    -Warsaw Pact is dissolved
    - December 25: US president George W. Bush delivers a Christmas Day speech acknowledging the end of the Cold War after receiving a phone call from Boris Yeltsin