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Cold War

  • Russia becomes communist

    Russia becomes communist
    On November 8, 1917 Stalin declared Russia as a communist state. immediately after taking over Stalin arranged peace with Germany. He did his best to invoke the communist way of life as soon as possible.
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    stalin takes over

    joseph stalin came to power in russia after lenin died. stalin started a communist russia. (soviet union) he thought that communism was the best way for everyone. he tried to spread his communist ways all over the world. he successfully spread them to multiple countries in europe and even asia. the us had the idea of containment. this was to try to stop the spread of communism.
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    fdr in office

    fdr wasnt in the cold war for long. most of his presidency was spent in wwII. he attended multiple conferences with other international powers such as churchill and stalin. they decided to split up germany and how to end the war with japan. fdr passed away in 1945. this is when truman would take over in office.
  • huac is created

    huac is created
    huac is the house unamerican activities committee. they did their best to get rid of communist activty in the united states. they blamed sevearl people for their so called unamerican activities including the hollywood ten.
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    nulcear arms race

    for several years the leading international powers used top scientists to figure out how to make a "superbomb" the united states won this race when they tested their first nuclear weapon on july 15, 1945. this weapon would later be used on two major cities in japan to end wwII for good. even after this many other countries especilly the soviet union continued to try to make them.
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    yalta conference

    the three major powers met for the conference. stalin, churchill, and roosevelt. at the conference the three decided on what they would do with the liberated countries after wwII. they decided that germany would be split into four sections. they also discussed how to end the war in the pacific as quickly as possible. this was the last conference roosevelt was able to attend before his death.
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    truman in charge

    truman came into presidency when fdr passed away in 1945. he took over the talks with the ussr and britain. he had the idea of the truman doctrine which voiwed to help any country in danger of falling to communism.
  • potsdam conference

    potsdam conference
    the three powers met again in potsdam. this time it was truman, churchill, and stalin. they decided at the conference that japan must unconditionally surrender or they should prepare themselves for utter destruction.
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    ho chi minh in power

    minh learned communism from the soviets themselves. he wanted to be the communist leader in vietnam. he went back to vietnam in search of support from veit minh. he found supportr in exiles mainly. minh would become the communist leader in north vietnam. he continued to try to take over south vietnam to make th ewhole country together under communism.
  • united nations formed

    united nations formed
    the united nations is a group of international leaders that join together to resolve issues. they also have ground forces made up of soldiers from each of these countries. they took part in the fighting on multiple occasions during the cold war
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The Truman Doctrine was president Trumans promise to help nations struggling against communist movements. The Truman Doctrine set a new course for American foreign policy.
  • cia is established

    cia is established
    the cia was established to maintain national security. the cia is an independent source for foreign information. they gather, process, and analyze information.
  • hollywood 10

    hollywood 10
    ten screenwriters, directors, actors, and actresses were called out for unamerican activities. they were said to be influencing communism in america. each of them was convicted and imprisoned for one year and they were forced to pay a fine.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The Marshall Plan was a foreign policy that offered economic aid to europe countries after World War II. In early 1948, Congress passed the Marshall Plan. The next 4 years, the United States gave about $13 billion in grants and loans to nations in Europe.
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    berlin blockade and airlift

    after germany had been split into 4 sections the ussr formed a blockade around berlin. the citizens were forced to live off small food rations and little fuel and power. the us and britain started the berlin airlift in which they flew in needed products for the trapped citizens. this went on for almost an entire year. several planes took off every few minutes.
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    communist china :mao zedong takes power

    zedong led a large revolution in china to take over the government. when china became communist the whole game changed. now two of the largest countries in the world were communist. this spread too fast for the us to contain everyone. zedong didnt lose his power until he died in 1976
  • NATO

    NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty organization. It was a military alliance formed to counter Soviet expansion.12 Western European and North American nations agreed to act together in the defense of Western Europe.If one of them got attacked, all of the allies would go to war to help them.
  • china falls to communism

    china falls to communism
    Mao Zedong finally prevails in China and makes it a communist country. He successfully overthrew the Chinese government and came into power.
  • joseph mccarthy

    joseph mccarthy
    joseph mccarthy was a us senator so people thought he was a trustworthy man. but on this day he made a six hour speech in front of the senate. he accused more than 200 people of being communist. this frightened everyone. mccarthy even tried blaming high ranking officers in the army. he was finally proven to be lying in the fall of 1953 when the army-mccarthy hearings took place.
  • korean war

    korean war
    The Korean war begins with the United States supporting South Korea and the USSR supporting the north. The United States would lose more than 54000 soldiers by the time the war ended.
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    eisenhower takes charge

    eisenhower becomes president after trumans second term. eisenhower was in charge of the new interstate system. he was in charge at the end of the korean war. he helped south korea maintain their freedoms while leaving north korea communist due to containment.
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    khrushchev takes over

    after stalins death in 1953 another communist leader stepped up to the plate. his name was nikita khrushchev. in 1962 he decided that the ussr should place nuclear missiles in cuba. this upset the us and finally after the cuban missle crisis later that year he and the us came to an agreement. the us would remove nuclear weapons from turkey if he would take his back from cuba.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    several countries against communism started nato. the Soviet Uniton formed a rival military alliance. also known as the warsaw pact. All the communist states of Eastern Europe were members with few exceptions. They pledged to defend one another if ever under attack.
  • sputnik

    the ussr won the space race with the launch of sputnik. this was the first spacecraft to be launched into orbit. sputnik took science to a whole new level.
  • NASA

    nasa stand for national aeronautics and space administration. there were several reasons for nasa to be created. the us established nasa so that they could better spy on the ussr and make important discoveries in science.
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    fidel castro

    after several years of fighting castro and his men overthrew the cuban government. castro was a communist leader. fidel castro would take over cuba and come to terms with the soviets. the us tried to train cuban nationals to overthrow castro at the bay of pigs. the us pulled their support out at the last minute to avoid war and the men were defeated. castro let the sovites keep missiles in cuba and this also almost led to nuclear warfare.
  • u2 crisis

    u2 crisis
    an american u2 spy plane piloted by gary powers was shot down somewhere near svedlovsk, ussr. it is said that powers was flying the plane too low because the altitude at which the plane is meant to do reconnaisance from is unreachable by enemy ground weapons. this event had a negative, long lasting impact on the countries relationship.
  • bay of pigs

    bay of pigs
    the united states brought several cuban nationals to the us to train them to overthrew castros government. the us promised that they would be there for support on the day of the invasion but the us changed their mind right before and pulled out. the invasion was a failure.
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    berlin wall

    the berlin wall was constructed in 1961 to seperate east and west berlin, because they had two different ideas. communist and democracy. this summed up the whole cold war into one city, democracy vs. communist. it was finally demolished in 1989
  • escalation in vietnam

    escalation in vietnam
    the threat of communism began to worry in the United states. troops would be sent over to help souther vietnam fight against the communist north vietnam.
  • cuban missile crisis

    cuban missile crisis
    the soviets had missiles in cuba and the us was afraid that they would shoot them off. the us tried multiple times to get them to take them back. american spy planes that saw the nuclear facilities informed the government that they had about 10 days until cuba could launch missiles. the us took their missiles from turkey and ussr took theirs from cuba.
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    lbj takes over

    jfk was assasinated and then lyndon b johnson took office. johnson sent more ground troops to help battle the vietcong. he wanted to help defeat north vietnam so that south vietnam would continue to have their freedom.
  • the tet offensive

    the tet offensive
    tet is the vietnamese new year which falls on the first new moon in january. there was a cease fire but on january 31, 1968 the vietcong broke that cease fire with multiple attacks in south vietnam in various locations.
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    nixon for president!

    richard nixon was the 37th president of the united states. he had the idea to pull troops from vietnam so that they could begin vietnamization and start rebuilding their country on their own. nixon would step down in 1974(instead of being impeached) due to watergate scandal.
  • first man on the moon

    first man on the moon
    you could say that the united states won the space race even though they were not first to launch a spacecraft into orbit. however the us landed the first spacecraft on the moon and also the first man. neil armstrong was the first man on the moon
  • kent state shootings

    kent state shootings
    at 11 am 200 students gathered in the commons at kent state. 12 national gaurdsmen turned and fired 67 rounds in a matter of 13 seconds.