CME 725

  • Gradual Emancipation Act

    Emancipated enslaved children born after July 04, 1799
  • Eunice Camp opens a school for Black children in Utica, New York

  • Samuel Hough loans Prudence Crandall money to buy Seminary building

  • American Anti-Slavery Association

  • Establishment of the first all-Black female school in the U.S.

    Canterbury Female Seminary in Canterbury, CT Founded by Prudence Crandall in 1831. Was initially for white women only. However, Sarah Mapps Douglass and other Black women began attending in 1833.
    Met with violence from white residents of Canterbury and the jailing of Prudence Crandall. School closed in 1834.
  • Hiriam Kellogg's Young Ladies Domestic Seminary

  • State of Connecticut v. Prudence Crandall

    Jury could not reach a verdict on violation of Black Law
  • Prudence Crandall's second trial

    Prosecution focused on racist scare tactics. Presented Prudence as a liar and schemer, not a Christian woman. Sarah Harris was presented as passive and pliable rather than one with Agency. Prudence was found guilty of violating Black Law. Paid a fine, closed the seminary.
  • Prudence Crandall's Canterbury Female Seminary closes

  • Connecticut Supreme Court Trial

    CT Supreme Court overturned lower court ruling. However, school was attacked and Prudence closed permanently due to violence towards the students. Baumgartner estimates that 10 schools were attacked in a similar manner.
  • First HBCU was built in the US (Cheney University in Pennsylvania)

  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Surge of African American women's activism in the abolition movement.
  • Colored Normal School opens in New York

  • John Howell- 1870 Census

    First African American man in Las Vegas
  • Colored Normal School closes

    Forced to close due to low student enrollment.
  • Alvarez V. Lemon Grove SD

  • Mendez V. Westminster

  • Gonzalez V. Sheely

  • Kelly v. Mason

    Federal Class action lawsuit
  • CCSD Submits Action Plan for Desegregation

    Voluntary desegregation chosen by parents. Converts 6 westside schools into various things. Gilbert elem to a prestige school, Madison a 7-10 vocational school,. Jo Mackey and Highland K-12 "educational parks". g
  • Voluntary Desegregation Fails

    Judge Thompson, after receiving update, determines that the optional plan was not adequate or effective to accomplish elementary integration.
  • Kelly v. Guinn

    Began in 68 as Kelly v Mason
  • Keys V. School District No. 1 Denver CO

    First desegregation case to make it to the supreme court that wasn't from the South.
  • Official end to Las Vegas/CCSD Mandatory Bussing Plan