Civil war after Soviets

By mhenry
  • Heroin

    Early 1900's - Afghanistan need the lead supplier of the world's heroin.
  • Predict of the Fall

    CIA predict the fall of Mohammed Najibullah due to the soviet retreat. The soviets continued to fund and arm the puppet regime they had set up in Afghanistan.
  • Warriors

    Ten thousand holy warriors under nine different mujahideen commanders assembled outside of Jalalabad. Amoung them, Osama bin Ladin.
  • Bin Laden left

    1990-Bin Laden left Afghanistan and returned to Saudi Arabia.
  • Flight

    Bin Ladin fled to Khartoum, capital of Sudan
  • Bomb

    1500 lb. bomb made using fertilizer, fuel, oil, nitroglycerin, sulfuric acid, and sodium cyanide packed in a van was detonated in a parking garage beneath the north world trade center tower.
  • Taliban Fighters

    Spring of 1995- Twenty thousand taliban fighters supported by tanks and jets advanced on Herat.
  • Tillman base

    Winter of 2007- A small contingent of American soldiers and Afghan Security Guard stationed in Operating Base Tillman, attacked frequently by Haqqani forces.