Civil right roots

  • Segregation legal

    Kansas state law allows cities of 15,000 or more to segregate African American and White students.
  • Court challenge's began

    African American parents start to file court challenges on segregation in public schools.
  • Court challenges make it to supreme court

    11 court challenges about desegregating schools hit the Kansas state Supreme court, none of these cases overthrew the law.
  • Period: to

    NAACP challenges segregation in court

    NAACP file challenges on behalf of African American families claiming that students had to travel further to go to a segregated school rather than a white school close to home.
    Kansas ruled against the NAACP stating that the schools were separate but equal.
  • Period: to

    Case taken to U.S supreme court

    The Kansas NAACP was joined with similar cases from four other states in the U.S supreme court in the fight to desegregate schools. The case was eventually decided that separate but equal had no place in schools and soon after many states started to desegregate public schools.