Chuck Norris

  • when he was born

    when he was born
    He was born in Oklahoma and in the town of Ryan.
  • Seperated

    After his parents had a divorced he moved in with his mom and attended North Torrence High School
  • Karata

    Chuck Norris went all the way to Korea to study martial arts
  • Married

    Norris married his sweetheart in high school, Dianne Holechek the same year he joined the U.S. Air Force.
  • Instructor

    norris opened over 30 karate studios that he taught celebrities
  • Award

    Norris earned his very first World Middleweight Karate Champioship title
  • TV Show

    TV Show
    Chuck norris became so popular actor that he starred in his own television series.
  • Chuck Norris switched to movies

    Chuck Norris switched to movies
    He starred with Bruce Lee in the movie Return of the Dragon