• chief keef early life

    keith cozart was born on augest 5 ,1995 and chicago illionis was raised on the southside chicago with his gradma he moved with his gradmda because he start getting and truble with his family
  • chief keef highschool

    when chief keef was 15 he deicided to drop out of schhool and decicded to go for his music carrer start rapping at the age 16 chief keef was arrested for gun were he was on house arrest at his gradma that when he start to upload videos on youtube his first song
    i dont like;
  • chieff keef fredo santana

    chief keef and fredo santana grew up and the same area and chicago on the southside of englewood when they was only little
  • daughter kay kay

    chief keef had a dughater name kay kay when he was only fifiteen couple years later he decided to give his gradma money