• first few writings

    Charlie can not spell well at all he is 37 and feels really dumb and stupid. he really hopes that they can help him.
  • He is being used in the experiment!

    "Their going to use me!" he says. he is so excited to recieve this info.
  • Charlie wants to beat the mouse

    he keeps losing the test to the wite mouse. now people are giving him candy and wishing him luck. He wanted to know if the surgery will help him beat the mouse in the test.
  • The Operation

    the operation didnt hurt him at all and they did it while he was After the operation he started to spell correctly and it seemed like he was getting smarter but he was still getting beat by the Algernon.
  • The Present

    He asked Mr. Strauss to come to his room and told him about why he could not race Algernon any more. a little box that he had to turn on at night was the present that Mr.Strauss had given/lent to Charlie to make him smarter.
  • T.V.

    The T.V. kept Charlie up all night and Dr. Strauss had to show him how to turn thhe volume down because of the two minds.
    he needed to be smart awake and asleep.

    He is becoming smater and understanding bigger words
    he is still getting beat by the mouse, and he thinks that the mouse will never stop getting smarter.
  • Winning

    He said that he doesnt feel smarter but to beat a smart mouse he has to be getting smarter.
  • The Golden Years

    He is going to have an IQ of over 200 he is so smart he is learning thigs very quickly now.
  • It's All Gone He Isn't Smart Any longer

    The Dr's and everyone feel so bad about it. He isn't smart anymore. He will not talk about it to anyone he feels so stupid. He can't even understand the books that he use to read with ease.
  • A look back

    He looks back on his writing, he could make out the words but he couldnt understand what it meant that well. at first he just sat on his couch and did nothing so the land lord called in a special doctor to look at him. He was fine he just needed to get back to work.
  • Real Friends

    Some of Charlies co-workers tried to make fun of him with put downs but Joe and Frank stepped in to defend Charlie.