Chapter 32 section 2 timeline

Timeline created by A.arzeno
  • October 1940

    October 1940
    Americans had cracked one of the codes that he Japanese used in sending secret messages,
  • July 1941

    July 1941
    Roosevelt cut off oil shipments to japan.
  • December 7, 1941

    American sailors at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii awoke to the roar of the explosives.
  • january 1942

    Japanese marched into the Philippine capital of Manila.
  • february 1942

    The japanese reached Singapore, strategically located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula.
  • april 1942

    16 B-25 bombers under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle bombed tokyo and several other japanese cities.
  • may 1942

    An American fleet with Australian support intercepted a Japanese strike force headed for Port Moresby in New Guinea
  • june 4-7 1942

    American pilots destroyed 332 Japanese planes, all four aircraft carriers, and one support ship.
  • august 7 1942

    Several thousand U.S. Marines, with Australian support landed on Guadalcanal and neighboring island of Tulagi.