Chapter 15

By kateyk
  • Franklin Roosevelt

    Was inaugurated
  • Hitler and Nazi party

    Come to power in Germany.
  • Public Works Administration

    Provided money to states to create jobs chiefly in the construction of schools and other community buildings
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Established in May 1933. Focused on the badly depressed Tennessee River Valley.
  • Conservative opponents of the New Deal

    Banded together to form an organization called the American Liberty League.
  • Securities and Exchange Commision

    Created by congress to regulate the stock market.
  • Social Security Act

    passed in 1935. It provided great benefits for millions of Americans.
  • Reelection of President Roosevelt.

    Reelected by the democrats.
  • Court-Reform Bill

    Enacted by congress to reorganize the federal judiciary and allow him to appoint six new Supreme Court justices.
  • Farm Security Administration

    loaned more than a billion dollars to help farmers become landholders and establish camps for migrant farmers.
  • Second Agricultural Adjustment Act

    Approved by congress and brought back many features of the first AAA.
  • Wizard of Oz

    Released in movie theaters.
  • Reelection...

    Roosevelt was elected for a third term.