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  • Start of Chanel

    Start of Chanel
    Gabrielle Coco Chanel opened her first hat shop in 1910 in the center of Paris under the name “Chanel Mode”. Her first product was a hat.
  • Smell of Success- CCHANEL N°5

    Smell of Success- CCHANEL N°5
    In 1921 Chanel unveiled its first fragrance; CHANEL N°5. It was a huge success for Chanel, this boosted the brands name. CHANEL N°5 was the worlds first abstract fragrance.
    It remains a truly timeless scent even today and is perceived as “the ultimate symbol of femininity”.
  • The little black dress

    The little black dress
    Another huge success for Chanel. It was Coco Chanel's genius to offer a dress design that was affordable and boasting that those who were not wealthy could: “walk around like millionaires.” Simply put, women needed affordable fashion. From the beginning of Chanel's career, simplicity was a keynote in her designs.
  • Chanel shakes hand with Hollywood

    In 1936 Coco started designing outfits for Hollywood. This was a great thing for the brands promotion. She designed outfits for the likes of Gloria Swanson, Madge Evans and Barbara Weeks
  • Chanel Downfall

    Chanel closed all its boutiques except one that sold perfumes and accessories. Chanel was making more money in accessories and perfume than in apparel itself. Chanel stopped her business during WW2 and immediately after, due to market shortage, supply shortage and her public affair with a Nazi officer.
  • Fashion Resolution

    Fashion Resolution
    Gabrielle Chanel staged a grand re-opening with a prevalent fashion show. As the fashion industry welcomed her back, she inspired a second fashion revolution.
  • The boost of 1960s

    The boost of 1960s
    in 1956, the iconic 2.55 bag was brought to life. It revolutionized women’s handbags by allowing a woman’s hand to remain free.
    In 1957, another groundbreaking creation, the two-tone pumps, were born. The design was first-of-its-kind by employing an elastic strap around the heel for extra comfort.
  • Peak of Chanel- 1960s

    In 1960s Chanel was at its peak. Many celebrities were wearing products from Chanel.
    Many of the most prominent women of the era wore CHANEL regularly.
  • Loss of Coco Chanel

    On 10th January 1971 Gabriel Coco Chanel passed away at Hotel Ritz in Paris
  • Karl Lagerfeld

    Karl Lagerfeld took the rein in 1983, becoming the second most influential figure in CHANEL’s history. Many of Chanel’s well-known pieces today were introduced in Karl Lagerfeld’s tenure
  • First Métier d’art Collection

    First Métier d’art Collection
    The First Métier d’art Collection was launched as an annual Ready-to Wear collection that paid tribute to the expertise of exceptional craftsmen. The first collection, “Satellite Love”, was presented in 2002, and remains a classic to this day.
  • The little Black Jacket

    The little Black Jacket book and exhibition were introduced in 2012. The book is a collection of Karl Lagerfeld’s photography project that revisited the iconic piece created
  • Death of Karl Lagerfeld

    On February 19, 2019, fashion legend, Karl Lagerfeld, passed away.
    Virginie Viard( known as Lagerfeld’s right hand) was appointed as the new artistic director of CHANEL.
    The world is now watching her next move and how CHANEL will be transformed in the years to come.