Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins

  • Pgs: 0-63 Total: 751

    Fiction Adventure pages: 0-63 Total: 751 Katniss and Peeta go back to district 12. They are happy until Katniss has a meeting with President Snow. He tells her that he knows that shes been going into the forest with Gale. He is very upset that shes been doing. Katniss thinks she has to marry Peeta to keep people she likes alive. They go to district 11 to start their victory tour. She really over does her love with Peeta. Then see gets up and says stuff to Rues family. They salute her.
  • Pgs: 63-116 Total: 804

    fiction adventure pgs: 63-116 total:804 Katniss and Peeta continue their victory tour. It doesn't go well in district 8. There presentation starts an uprising. Katniss is scared and wants to run away with Gale, Peeta, their families and Haymitch. While she's asking Peeta they come to find gale getting whipped. Katniss yells. She gets whipped too. They get Gale and her and start healing them.
  • 116-164 Total: 852

    Fiction Adventure 116-164 total: 852 Katniss runs into the woods and finds two people. They were escaping from district 8. They said that there was a district 13 that no one knew about. Katniss gives them food, then heads home. She is shocked to see the fence is turned on. She jumps over and hurts herself. she comes home and see two peacekeepers. Shethinks they're going to kill her.
  • 164-222 total:910

    fiction adventure 164-222 total:910 Katniss has her photo shoot for her wedding. Next her and Peeta are told they will be fighting in another games, even though they won. They head to the Justice building with Haymitch and Efie. Everyone has mixed emotions about this. Katniss keeps dreaming of all the avoxs with no toungues. She can't sleep. They start working on strategies for training. Stay in love and make friends.