Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins

  • Chapter 1 page 1

    Fiction: Fantasy/Science Fiction--1-1pages total 35
    Katniss, just out of the games, is now living luxry along with Peeta. But her feelings for Peeta and Gale conflict, and she musc choose. Life with Gale her childhood friend, or Peeta a boy she was forced to love and does not know how she feels. Along with rumors of a rebelion.
  • Chapter 14 page 18

    Fiction: Fantasy/Sci Fi-- 1-188 pages; total (188)
    Katniss is now forced back in to her nightmare... The Hunger games. She and Peeta must return back to the games along with other victors from past years. The tro, Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss are hurryed on to the train after the reaping, not allowing any goodbyes. They belive this is all happening beccouse of the known... or not so known uprisings happening in other districts and now that are made to be examples.
  • Chapter 20 Page 291

    Fiction: Fantasy/Sci Fi--188-291 pages; total (291)
    Katniss, and Peeta are faced with the other past year victors, whom all are friends. Katniss keeps her distance knowing that they are going to be killing one another soon enough. They watch the others knowing they'er deadly. At the Interviews, Kanitss is dressed in her what should of been wedding dress, she would of warn at her and Peeta's forced marriage, to the interview playing the adiounce with how "sad" she is. Once she starts to spin...
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    ... showing off her dress, it burts into flames and revils a black dress made out of black feathers and wings, made by her arms, that represnts a mocking jay, created by Cinna. Now about to enter the arrena she sees Cinna beaten and carryed off right as she is shot up. Once in the Arrena full that is jungal and sea water, she is quick to make an alliance with Finnick, a member of district 4, and Mag from the same district, along with Peeta hide in the jungal that is borderd with a forcefield.
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    ... a girl from district 4 they are joined by Finnicks other half and "Bolts and Volts". "Volts" mutters tick tock everyone thinking her mad but Katniss who discovers the arena is a clock, a horror happening on the hour in the hour. Carrers attack leaving "Volts" dead and two of there own. The middle spun and now the group is compleatly unawere where the next horrer will come.
  • Chapter 24, Page 240

    Fiction: Fantasy/Sci Fi--291-340 pages; total (340)
    Kitniss, Peeta, Finnick and Meg are all awoken from a odd fog. Katniss notice it is poiseniss. So the group runs. Finnick carry Mag and Katniss dragging Peeta along, sense he was weakend from the force field. Finick and Katniss switch but are unable to keep going so Mags throws herself into the fog and the others drive to the beach. Finding the water heals them,
    After being attacked by muttations and Peeta being saved by a girl from districed..