Carson Famous Dead Guys

  • 101

    Thales of Miletus 600 BC

    Thought everything was was made of somthing; Such as the four elements.
  • 101

    Democritus 460-370 BC

    Thought everything was held together by atoms; Had the idea that there were atoms.
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    Aristotle 384-322 BC

    Thought everything was made of the four elements; same as Thales of Miletus.
  • Isaac Newton

    Thought everything was held together by atoms; Like Democritus.
  • Dalton

    He created the Atomic theory.
  • Bequerel

    Discovered radioactivity.
  • Thompson

    Discovered the electron,
    and how it was lighter than a hydrogen atom.
  • Erheir Rutherford 1904-1911

    Discovered atoms containing a neceleus and made protons surrounded by electrons.
  • Robert Millikan 1908-1917

    Discovered charge and mass of electrons.
  • Bohr

    Believed that all electrons in atoms are in orbit, that electrons are on fixed points.
  • Francis Aston

    Discovered isotopes.
  • Schrodinger

    Discovered how to find an electron in a certain models.
  • James Chadwick

    Dicovered the exsitance of the neutrons.