Canas' Life @ Smash Academy

  • Canas arrives at Smash Academy.

    Canas arrives at the academy early in the morning. He's astounded by the architecture of the school - and the whole city, to boot. The shaman meets with the headmasters, and reasons with them that he's still trying to learn more through his travels. They agree that he is to be a student teacher. He's issued a room in the student's dorm at this time, which he doesn't mind. That evening, he makes his first post at Smash Academy.
  • Canas meets the library.

    What a day. He didn't know where to start. So many books... would he ever get through them all? Oh, and so many topics to read about, too! He might've made a couple loud noises in there on that day, and the librarians may or may not have been pleased with this. He wouldn't actually understand that he could check out books until a few days later, though.
  • Canas attends his first class as a bystander

    He just happened to pass Morty's classroom and decided he would check out how classes were held at this school. Instead, he found himself becoming engrossed in Morty's tales...
  • Valentine's Day: cupid bot troubles!

    Only 4 days after Canas' arrival and Robotnik set off a flurry of cupid bots: nasty little robots with the ability to shoot an arrow at a target. This arrow causes the person to fall madly in love with the first person they see, and Canas, well... Today, he met Lash. On that day, he was also put under the control of Black Hole without even knowing it!
  • The curiosity of "prom".

    While Canas wasn't aware of the customs of foreign schools, he was quick to understand the concept of "prom". Unfortunately, that little cupid bot spell wasn't one that he would forget, and Lash was on his mind more than he wanted her to be. In fact, she was on his mind more than his own wife... He worried over whether or not she would be going with a date before she invited him to come along. Somehow, he couldn't decline.
  • Graduation/Prom of 2010

    Now that Canas was forced to attend prom, he nervously did so with Lash, Blaze, and Pit. He spent much of his time there trying to understand how "proms" worked, and... well, that little issue about Lash. Luckily, he got the opportunity to have a dance with her, and they talked a lot. Overall, he would call it a good night.
  • Father's Day, and Canas forgot...

    Canas felt it significant enough to point out that he had forgotten about Father's Day, and that he'd better get his butt home. He made sure to keep a mental tab not to forget about that next year.
  • Tanetane Island's Energizing Mushrooms: the hallucination

    Like many other victims, Canas was subject to accidentally consuming special mushrooms unique to Tanetane Island. These are special Hallucination Mushrooms, and their effects work on Canas just as they do to everyone. His hallucination incorporated deeper, unnoticed fears of his, including being unimpressive in his skills, neglecting his family, unending questions of his, and more.
  • A wizard's duel with some... wild side effects.

    A wizard's duel with some... wild side effects.
    Lasting until the 16th, Canas was transformed into a Drifloon thanks to Ganondorf and Kamek. He has one hell of a time with it, too: unable to hit keys properly, stay grounded, talk to many others... it's a hard life, being a Drifloon. He did a lot of research on the Ghost-and Flying-type Pokémon afterwards, though.
  • The horrid realization of library fees.

    Canas isn't exempt from library fines, and he finally comes to that realization: he has many overdue library books. While he finds 13 of these books there are still many to be discovered, and Ocelot informs him that he has "$325.87 and counting" in fines. What a terrible misfortune...
  • The October café!

    Canas had a pretty good time at the Oktoberfest themed café. His costume was different from what he was used to wearing, but he grew pretty fond of it.
  • And finally, Canas has to pay to replace a book...

    Because Char won't, so there goes that. Perhaps Canas might keep all of his books in one place from now on... Or not.
  • Somehow, Canas is signed up for a blind date.

    And his date is Samus. Gosh, she sure was pretty... But he's married! Canas didn't want to be part of the blind dates, but hey, making friends wouldn't be a bad idea.
  • Canas returns to Ilia for New Years.

    Canas kept his nose in a book all through the holidays and forgot to get gifts for those he cared about (and his secret santa recipient), but he promised himself to think about them while he was at Ilia. Then he'd get them a gift.
  • Canas makes a late resolution to keep track of things.

    Not too good of a start, and it wasn't that solid of a resolution, either. Anyways, he delivered late gifts that morning, which is a start... somehow.
  • Alternate universe: Canas submits to the magic he wields.

    During the week many became a parallel of themselves from an alternate universe, Canas became a vegetable. Rather, he met the same fate as his brothers, and was practically dead for the whole week. Creepy.
  • Canas awakens from being possessed.

    After almost two weeks of being a lifeless drone, Canas awakens with no recollection of the days previous. He posts about it later, but after the scare, the druid became pretty sick.
  • Canas becomes the librarian!

    It's almost like a promotion! Wait... The other two librarians left their post, so Canas was offered the position. In the library, he continues to tutor students, but he's become less of a student teacher and more of a librarian. He's very happy with this new job. He posted about it the next day.
  • Canas flips the month on his calendar from May to July.

    This is important. There is a pinup of Lash in July, and he didn't know it. Canas stared at it for a while as his face heated up, but then he just left it and went back to the library.
  • Island vacation!

    Island vacation!
    Yay! Everyone is sent off to an isolated island for fun vacation times. Canas is pretty excited to go. Perhaps there will be ruins or something for him to take a look at. Oh, and of course, he brought plenty of books to read. Just in case.
  • Canas is cursed by the island's mysterious hot springs.

    Our favorite shaman went to take a relaxing soak in the hot springs and emerged looking absolutely normal: dripping, happy, and ready to head back. However, even two hours later, Canas was soaking wet. I believe that was his curse.
  • And then he... disappears!

    Even in his pitifully wet state, Canas is abducted from the island! Surely nobody will know where he went, but he was transported back to Ilia. Maybe he'll come back someday. Everything in his dorm was immediately cleaned up. Seems like nobody ever lived there...
  • Canas returns to Smash Academy.

    He forgot to post, though. He wrote something up but forgot to submit it. Canas still needs to do a little better at keeping track of his journal and the network.
  • It took him until this date to make a returning post, however.