Cameron A's reading log

By misrm7
  • Shadow

    This Book was about a Boy who went to England from Afganistan he had to be imported back to Afganistan. His friend does everything to stop them sending him back luckily the Iceland volcano erupts so they can not send him back. the book also included a bomb squad dog who did every thing possible to leed the boy as far as he could. The dog soon found his old owner who in the end also helped the boy not be exported. I recomend this book to 9 years and older. Auther : Micheal Morporgo
  • Witches

    This book is about Withces what they look like and what they do to children it explains how they turned a boy into a mouse and then the mouse and his human grandmother turn the Grand High Witch and all the Witches in englandalso into mice except they all get trapped and killed soon they mouse makes a plan to destroy all the Witches in the is a very light and easy read. recomend 6 to 12 Author Roald Dahl
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    Books I have read

  • Fleebeas fortune

    Fleebeas fortune
    Fleebeas family are carnivorous rats and they all expect her to be the same but with the first blood festival coming up she has to kill or be killed but fleebea isn't like any other rat and when she saves a squril from the rest of the rats and ventures in the outside world she falls in love with it soon she moves into the outside world to live a happy life
  • Buterfly lion

    Buterfly lion
    This story is about a boy named bertie and and his quest to find his white lion taken from him almost 15 years ago he has to overtake many hurdles but in the end he gets there the lion will also make sure he is not forgotten Recomend to 8-15
  • BFG

    This book is about a good giant who finds a girl together they decide to get rid of all the man eating giants they go to the queen and then she sends the army to retreve the giants.
  • Running wild

    Running wild
    This book is about how a boy and his mother go to indonessia the boy is having an elephant ride when suddenly he runs into the bush the boys mother gets killed by the tsunami but the willingness of the elephant and some orangatangs he meets on the way helps the boy to find his grand parents
  • Elephant in the window

    Elephant in the window
    This is a true story about a zoo keeper who looks after a elephant and when bombers come to thier town they run away on the way they meet a english soldier who was ones of the ones who bombed thier city they for some strange reason they become friends and together find thier way and save thier elephant from thier bomed city of dresden
  • Fish

    This is about a boy who fings a fish and then takes over the mountain and realises it into the river on the way he runs into all sorts of trouble but when the fish survives it is worth it
  • City Night

    City Night
    This is a book about a group of kids out on friday night and all the trouble that they get up to they get bashed and steal money and end up falling into the water.
  • Best mate

    Best mate
    This book is about a dog who goes through all sorts of aldeals and numeris owners till he finds the one who he knows he will spend the rest of his life
  • Smells like dog

    Smells like dog
    This book was about a boy who's uncle is a treasure hunter and all he dreams about is becoming one two when his uncle dies he decides there is no better time to become a treasure hunterhe goes through many traps and makes many friens aswellalthough some arn't as good of freinds after all.
  • the cardturner

    the cardturner
    this book is about a boy whos uncle is rich but blind his uncle is very old and could dye very soon but before he dyes he teaches his nephew how to play cards but who knows where it will lead to.
  • Jungle Book

    this book was about a boy named mowgli who is raised by wolves he makes many friends but with friends come enemysand mowgli's main threat a fearsome tiger Shere Khan it is a great book and is great to just sit down and read.
  • A Dog For A Life

    this book is about a boy named tom who gets very ill and they want to take away his dog (mouse) so when Tom's brother John finds out he sets out with mouse but nothing turns out as planned.