Calvin Coolidge Timeline

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    Was never divorced.
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    How did he die??

    How did he die??
    He had a congestive heart failure
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    Moms name

    Moms name
    Victoria Josephine Moor
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    Dad's name

    Dad's name
    John Calvin Coolidge Sr.
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    Silent cal, cool cal, Cautious cal
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    Grace Coolidge
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    Coolidge adopted the taxation policies of his Secretary of the Treasury lowering taxes
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    How long did he severe for?

    How long did he severe for?
    6 full years
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    Full name

    Full name
    Calvin Coolidge J.R
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    What did he accomplish?

    What did he accomplish?
    the farm economy, the Federal Budget System, tax reduction and reform, reduction
  • political party

    political party
    Republican Party
    Coolidge won reelection against his Democratic opponent by an increased margin.
  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    July 4, 1872 in Plymouth Notch, Vermont
  • Military experience

    Military experience
    he helped be a Governor of Stickiness's military staff.
  • Marriage

    He was married to Grace Coolidge Had 2 Children
  • Birth of Children

    Birth of Children
    His children were
    John Coolidge- Born: April 13, 1908 Died: July 7, 1924 Education: Mercersburg Academy
    Calvin Coolidge Jr. - Born: September 7, 1906 Died: May 31, 2000 Education: Mercersburg Academy, Amherst College
  • Born when

    Born when
    He was the only president born on July 4 Independence Day
  • Education

    He attended high school at St. Johnsbury Academy and collage at Amherst College
  • Political term

    Political term
    August 2, 1923 – March 4, 1929
  • Date elected to office

    Date elected to office
    Who: Calvin Coolidge J.R
    what: He served in office for 6 years date: Tuesday, November 4, 1924
    when:Tuesday, November 4
    where: United States
  • Were is his grave at?

    Were is his grave at?
    Plymouth Notch Cemetery, Plymouth, VT
  • vice president

    vice president
    Charles G. Dawes
  • Jobs or careers

    Jobs or careers
    He was a Lawyer before president and a States person
  • What number was he?

    What number was he?
    He was the 30th president of the Untied States Of America
  • Programs or laws developed

    Programs or laws developed
    Reapportionment Act of 1929
  • Death date and place of death

    Death date and place of death
    Death date:January 5, 1933
    Place of death: Northampton, MA
  • Age when he died

    Age when he died
    60 years old
  • Were did he die?

    Were did he die?
    Northampton, MA
  • More facts

    More facts
    governor of Massachusetts and a military watcher/ helper
  • Facts

    A Republican lawyer from New England