Caleb Tamayo

Timeline created by acieri
  • 5:15pm

    Daniel is on his way to his dads weddingalong with Tuck.
    He doesn't like Linda , the bride , because this is his dad's second wife.
  • 5:41:01pm

    Tuck is asleep while Daniel thinks about what Lida's family will think of him. He thinks what will happen if he blurts out during the wedding."Will they all hate me for saying 'Dont do it dad'."The plane suddenly starts to move swiftly and Daniel noties that the plane is going done.
  • 5:41:36pm

    Daniel puts Tuck into postion so he wont get hurt while the rest of the plane in front of him is destroyed.When the plane floor under them gives way , they both fall straight into the unforgiving branches.
  • 5:44:30

    When he finally wakes up , Daniel can't tell if he's serouisly injured. He can't move because something big is on top of him.Daniel wonders if he will ever get to do normal things in his life again, like have a girlfriend.
  • 6:40pm

    Daniel wants to go see if Tuck is okay, but can't move because the plane peice is on him. A lady soon sits by him to keep him company and talk to him.He asks her if Tuck is okay ,and she says yes. Daniel thinks that she is just saying that to make him feel better.
  • 7:55pm

    Daniel keeps talking to the nice old woman that's sitting next to him for about an hour.She asks him lots of question about his family, which he anwsres. Then he asks her if she can tell his mom and dad that they did a good job growing him up.
  • 8:12pm

    Daniel had been deterimened to die without crying, a brave death. Mrs.Jemmison was able to give Daniel some chocolate .which he enjoyed. When he saw Mrs.Jemmeson puting on fire gear , he told her if she could shoot him if he caught on fire.
  • 9:15pm

    Daniel wsa being cut out by the "Jaws of Life".He was feeling woosy and couldn't tell Mrs.Jemmison that being cut out was not fine at all.
  • 10:49pm

    While Daniel is being loaded on board, he tells the man helping him that he wanted to be first even though he was last.He is going to tell the men a joke when he suddenly feels woosy and blacks out.
  • 12:30am

    Daniel had gone into sugrey and was out like a brick. The docters said that after this surgery and a few months , he might be back to normal. He even said that Daniel might be able to play ball once he was better.