Brown Vs Board of Education

  • Plessy vs Ferguson

    This was where the doctrine of "separate but equal" was created. This stated that schools would be segregated between the white and black children, but receive "equal" education.
  • NAACP Established

    Created to fight racial and social injustice and to stop the lynching of black people.
  • Gong Lum v. Rice

    Supreme Court ruled that a Chinese girl would have to attend a black segregated school vs the white school.
  • NAACP Push Back

    The NAACP begins to fight against segregation in graduate and secondary schools.
  • State of Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada

    Lloyd Gaines, a black student, was denied access to the University of Missouri Law School due to the color of his skin.
  • Thurgood Marshall becomes the Special Counsel for the NAACP

  • Méndez vs Westminster

    Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez sued 4 different local districts for segregating their children in Orange County, CA.
  • Sipuel vs Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma

    Stated that Lois Ada Sipuel couldn't be denied access to the college just because of her race.
  • NAACP expound on Thurgood Marshall's View

    They focused on the standard of equality so that it would compromise the standard of separate.
  • Briggs vs Elliott

    Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP filed a class act lawsuit against the Clarendon County School Board in South Carolina. This was one of the cases combined in the Brown Vs Board trial.
  • McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents

    The school wanted black students to learn in a separate area from the white students but the Supreme Court ruled that this would interfere with his learning, studying abilities, and participation in class discussions.
  • Sweatt vs Painter

    Texas Law School had to admit student, Heman Sweatt. The black law school was established in a downtown basement.
  • Bolling vs Sharpe Set in Motion

    The attempt to enroll black students into John Philip Sousa Junior High School, which was an all white school at the time. This too was one of the cases included in the Brown Vs Board trial.

    Attorney, Spottswood W. Robinson spoke on the NAACP constantly working to eradicate segregation within the school system.
  • Brown vs Board of Education Filed

  • Davis vs Prince Edward County Filed

    Filed to challenge VA's segregated schools. Another case included within Brown vs Board
  • Briggs et al. vs Elliott et al.

    This case went to trial. Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP fought that segregation had a negative effect on the learning and development of black children. This trial was denied but the judge.
  • Barbara Rose Jones

    16 year old student, Barbara Rose Jones, in a segregated high school in VA led an assembly, announcing that they would protesting the overcrowded, unequal conditions of their school.
  • Combining of the Board Cases

    When the Supreme Court decided to hear all 5 cases within one trial, this made segregation more of a national issue vs state.
  • NAACP - Extended Work

    A few weeks after the ruling of Brown V. Board, the NAACP helped a lot of African Americans fill out applications to Memphis State College.
  • Supreme Court Decision in Brown vs Board

    The Supreme Court ruled that segregation in schools violet the 14th amendment that spoke on equal rights for all citizens.
  • Expeditiously

    The ruling that desegregation in schools needed to happen at a rapid rate.