Braidwood Generating Station

  • Construction of the power plant.

    Construction of the power plant.
    Construction of the power plant started in 1976 and initial construction cost for the station was $5.2 billion. The station has a capacity of 2360 megawatts of power or enough power for nearly 2 million homes.
  • Unit 1

    Unit 1
    This is the date that the station was built. Unit 1 had entered service. It is capable of generating 1,194 net megawatts(MW). It is known to create Nuclear Electricity (nuclear leaks, water source, people got sick).
  • Unit 2

    Unit 2
    Unit 2 that had entered service then that it is capable of generating 1,166 net MW. Together they can produce enough electricity to power more than 2 millions average American homes. Their both known to create nuclear power.
  • Leaks

    During the year of 1996, 250,000 gallons of tritiated water leaked near the plant. This area has been a source of water and tritium into the ditch, just east of the switchyard, until the remedial groundwater pumping system was started in October 2006.
  • Tritium Injections

    Tritium Injections
    About 3 million gallons leaked at the Braidwood Generating Station. The radioactive substance of the nuclear power plant called tritium that is into the soil and ground of properly surrounding the Braidwood Nuclear Reactor.
  • Tritinium Law

    Tritinium Law
    The N.R.C. was informed that workers had detected tritium in a drinking water well at a home near the plant. There were 34,000 picocuries per liter, (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency allows 20,000 picocuries per liter.
  • Exelon "World's Most Admired Companies"

    Exelon "World's Most Admired Companies"
    Fortune Magazine has recognized Exelon as one of the "World's Most Admired Companies" each year since 2006
  • Nuclear waste Law

    Nuclear waste Law
    Eleven Braidwood families filed a multi-count complaint against Exelon Corporation and Commonwealth Edison Corporation related to a series of violations of nuclear waste laws and admitted contaminations of property near the Braidwood nuclear power plant. The suit contends that the acknowledged millions of gallons of tritium leakage into the ground jeopardizes the ground water over an extensive area and created a large detrimental stigma for hundreds of citizens.
  • Leaks Discovery

    Leaks Discovery
    The tritium has been released from the temporary storage area. There was a total of 22 leaks that have been discovered at that time.
  • Top-ranked Electric and Gas

    Top-ranked Electric and Gas
    Exelon has been the top-ranked electric and gas utility on the FORTUNE 500 each year since 2008
  • Top 250 on Global energies

    Top 250 on Global energies
    Exelon was the No. 1 ranked U.S. and global electric utility on Platts’ Top 250 Global Energy Companies list in 2012.
  • 40th Best Energy Company

    40th Best Energy Company
    Exelon was the No. 1 ranked U.S. energy company on Public Utilities Fortnightly's 40 Best Energy Companies list in 2012.
  • Exelon Law

    Exelon Law
    The state of Illinois filed a lawsuit against Exelon seeking $36.5 million in fines for both the company's failure to properly maintain the underground pipeline that leaked and their delay in notifying state officials.
  • experation of unit 1

    experation of unit 1
    Unit 1: October 17, 2026
  • experation of Unit 2

    experation of Unit 2