Boris James

  • Dalton

    He created a way to measure an atoms weight.
  • Thomson

    Thomson discoverd that there are small particles inside an atom.
    He also so discoverd the negatively charged particles now known as electrons.
  • Rutherford

    Rutherford aimed a beam of small positively charged particles at a thin sheet of gold foil. The coating glowed when hit by the positively charged particles. he discoverd that the particles where deflected.
  • Rutherford

    Rutherford proposed that in the center of the atom is extremely dense positively charged part called the nucleus .
  • Bohr

    Bohr studeyed the way that atoms react with light.
    his results led him to propose that electrons move around the nucleus in paths.
  • Schrodinger and Heisenberg

    Schrodinger and Heisenberg
    Schrodinger and Heisenberg came up with the idea of an electron cloud.
  • 460 BC - Democritus

    460 BC - Democritus
    Democritus can up of the idea of atomism.
    He belive if you cut something in half and continued to cut if half you would get to an atom witch you can't cut in half.
  • 382 BC - Aristotle

     382 BC - Aristotle
    Aristotle believed that you would nevr end up with a particle that could not be cut.