Bonifacio day (pic)

Bonifacio Day

  • Birth of Andres Bonifacio

    Birth of Andres Bonifacio
  • Andres becomes an orphan

    Andres becomes an orphan
    He was orphaned and he had to take care of his younger siblings. To do this he quit school and started looking for ways to support his family.
  • Bonifacio finds a job

    Bonifacio finds a job
    Andres was able to work as a clerk and then a sales agent. Then later on, he became a warehousemen in Tondo.
  • The Meeting

    The Meeting
    On the night of July 7th 1892 Bonifacio, Valentine Dias, Deodato Arellano, Teodoro Plata, Ladislao Diwa and a few others met in a house along Azcarraga Street.
  • Bonifacio gets married

    Bonifacio gets married
    Bonifacio married Gregoria De Jesus
  • Secret Gathering

    Secret Gathering
    the Katipuneros gathered secretly at a farm at Pugadlawn in Kalookan. Katipuneros are now fugitives and in great danger. Together they agreed to fight to the death for their cause.
  • The Battle

    The Battle
    Bonifacio gathered his men and fearlessly got them to tear up the rulers of Spain. This began the revolution against the Philippines and Spain
  • the Attack

    the Attack
    The initial plan to attack manila did not push through due to the lack of arms. Instead the attackers and Bonifacio challenged his members. They tore up their cedulas and shouted “long live the Philippines”. The cry signaled the start of the Philippines revolution. Bonifacio and his men retreated with heavy causalities.
  • Bonifacio's Death

    Bonifacio's Death
    Bonifacio and his little brother were accused by the Spaniards of rebellion and were sentenced to death. Makapagal executed the Filipinos who spearheaded the Philippines revolution against Spain and give severe punishments.