• bloody friday

    in england; IRA sets off 22 bombs killing 9, injuring 130
  • munich olympics bombing

  • ma'alot Massacre

    May 15 @ Ma'alot high school in Isreal took 92 hostages killing 26- Popular front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • La Mon Resturant Bombing

    The IRA kills 12 people in the La Mon resturant bombing
  • Iran Hostages Crisses

    Iran muslim students take over the American Embassy in Iran and held 52 for 444 days
  • United States Embassy Bombing

    In Beorut,lebanon by a suucude bomber killing 63 people and 18 americans
  • Barracks Beirut, Leb

    Marine Barracks bombing killing 241 americans service men and injuring 81
  • Berlin Germany

    Bomb explodes in nightclub frequented by U.S service man killed 3 including 2 soldiers Libya was held responsable
  • Jalabad Afghanstin

    A bomb blast in a cinama kills 31 injures 33 Taliban milantints
  • Former Indion

    Prime minster Rajv Gandi assassinated by a suicide bomblast-credited to Sri Lankin Tamil
  • Nwe york New York

    WTC Bombing 5 Islamic Groups kills 6 injures over 1000
  • OKC bombing

    most deadly act of domestic terror up to that point. Killed 168 people wounded 800+
  • World Trait Center Attack

    Death toll reached 2996 attcks included Pentagon and a 3rd flight that missed