Bob marley

Bob Marley

  • Birth

    The day it all started, born in the village of Nine Mile in Saint Ann Parish.
  • First Songs

    First Songs
    He leaves school at 14, concentrates on music, and recodrs two singles, 'Judge Not (Unless you Judge Yourself)' and 'One Cup of Coffee'.
  • Rita

    The day he married his wife Rita Anderson.
  • Band of the year

    Band of the year
    Bob won band of the year.
  • Bullets, guns, bang.

    Bullets, guns, bang.
    He was shot but not killed because hes tough.
  • A Bad Day

    A Bad Day
    Diagnosed with Cancer which would eventually lead to his death.
  • Peace medal of the 3rd world.

    Peace medal of the 3rd world.
    Bob was awarded a peace medal for being, peaceful I guess.
  • Of Course.

    Of Course.
    The cancer decided to spread to his Lungs and Stomach. God Dammit.
  • Death

    The day it all ended. He was 36. Bloody Cancer i'll tell ya. His last words, to his son Ziggy, “Money can’t buy life.”
  • Hall Of Fame

    Hall Of Fame
    He was added to the Rock and Roll hall of fame.
  • Fame

    A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Jamaican Order Of Merit

    Jamaican Order Of Merit
    He was awarded Jamaicas 3rd highest honour.