Bob Marley

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    In the first section of this book it talked about the history of Jamica. It described the slave revolt against the English in 1738.The book talked about the English taking over the island in 1655 and how big piracy became. The reading depicted the entire history of Jamica and told how on Aug 6,1962 the island became independent.
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    These pages in the book described the young life of Robert Nesta Marley. Born Feb 6, !945 of the 18 year old Cedella Booker and his father was a 50 year old English captain, Norval Sinclair Marley. Bob spent is early years with his mother at the parish of St.Ann then later as a teen moved to the capital of Jamica, Kingston. Marley delevoped a passion for singing early in his life with some encouragment from his friend, Desemond Dekker, and through the church choir.
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    Through this passage in the book it talked about Bob's religious beliefs. As a young boy he was upbrought by hismother into the christian church, where he developed a love for singing. As an adult Bob converted to Rastafarianism because of the people who surrounded him. His wife, Rita, his close friends, Joe Higgs and Bunny Livingstone were all rasta. Higgs played a big role in Bob's success. He encourged young musicians by offering them free coaching in Kingstone.
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    In 1962 Bob recorded his first track; "Judge Not", at Beverely Studios. His friend Desemond Dekker introduced him to Leslie Kong the producer at the studio. The track was released under the name Bob Morley by mistake, later Bob left Kong because he refused to pay him. In 1962 Marley formed the Wailing Wailers which was Bob, Bunny Livingstone, Peter Mcintosh and Junior Brathwaite. Their first single was released in 1963 by Coxstone Dodd, it was called "Simmer Down."
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    Marley married Alpharita Anderson, better known as Rita, on Feb 10, 1966 after dating for one year. Rita was a nurse and a singer, she formed the group that became the backup singers for the Wailers. Bob and Rita had many musically talented kids; Ziggy, Sharon, Cedella,Steven and Damian. Their kidsmake up the Melody Makers.
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    In 1966 Bob spent time in Deleware visiting his mom. He stayed in America for about a year because of trouble amoung the group.He worked at a Chrystler Car dealership but was fired, later he applioed for welfare but was denied. Bob was drafted into the army to serve in Vietnam,he soon returned to Jamica to pick up where he left off.Marley reunited with some member of the Wailers; Bunny and Peter. In 1967 they made the popular song 'Stir it Up".
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    The Wailers hooked up with Lee Perry fromCoxsone productions and he gave Bob the confidence to write his songs to their full capability. Music shifted form love and rude boy to rebel theme, they called themselves "Soul Rebels". Bob wrote the songs and was joined by the Upsetters, they gave feeling and soul to his music. Later Marley hooked up with Johnny Nash in 1970, an American singer. They eventually went down hill and split up, leaving the Wailers broke.
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    In Jamica in 1972 the Wailers met Chris Blackwell, and english man of Island Records that claimed a group of rastas saved his livein a boating accident and he felt he owed them. The label finally gave the Wailers the fame they deserved and went on to be very successful. Bob went to the hospital for a soccer accident and found out he was diagnosed with cancer in his liver, lungs and brain. He spent his last year in several different hospitals, then on May 11, 1981,Bob Marley died at the age of 36