Biography of XXXTentacion

Timeline created by Dunia El Kouche Aibar
  • Birth

    Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was born in Florida, USA
  • Death

    He was killed by a stranger when he left his house to give a charity talk by the morning.
  • Period: to


    He went to different schools because he was a boy with bad behavior and the mother sent him with his grandmother.
    Grandma gave him a chance and went to a last school, where he was expelled, and then, shetook him to a juvenile centre.
    When he left the center, he went to live with his aunt and put him in a music school, where he learned to play the guitar and piano. In 2014 he released his first song on soundcloud.
  • Period: to


    in 2015 he is put in prison for violent robbery and aggressions. There he met another singer and on leaving prison, they made a song that made them famous.
    In 2016 he was put back in jail for domestic violence and left in April 2017, from there he made more songs and created charity works for his city and troubled young boys.