By sharyxz
  • birth

    Thalia was born on August 26, 1971 in the Spanish Hospital of Mexico City, named after Maria Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda. His parents are Ernesto Sodi Pallares and Yolanda Miranda. From small home they call "Yuya". The youngest of four sisters, Laura, Gabriela, Federica and Ernestina.
  • father's death

    Thalia did not have much time to meet his father, because he died of a serious illness, when she was just five years.
  • his starring

    In June 1995, she launched her own lingerie line. Shortly after he began recording another soap opera entitled "Maria la del Barrio".
  • disease

    1996 had to be admitted due to emergency cardiac arrhythmia as a result of overwork, so he had to take a few months off at his home in Los Angeles. Throughout that year were countless honors and awards he received.
  • chosen queen

    In February 1997 he was crowned queen of the thirty-eighth International Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile. That same year, in June, he published his most important album to date "Amor a la Mexicana"
  • first telenovela

    In 1986 he joined Timbiriche, a group of fashion in Mexico, where replacing Sasha entered. He soon became one of the most prominent members of the formation. Being in Timbiriche shot her first telenovela
  • disc in English

    2003 was a great year for the explosive Thalía, who crossed the Anglo market with their first album in English. Thalia took place the two songs in the Top 10 lists of audience in the United States. I Want You 'feat Fat Joe, at No. 7 on Billboard Top 40 Mainstream, while her second single Baby I'm In Love burst onto the Hot Dance Sales as hard as the first.
  • Latin music celebration

    Love without being loved and was released worldwide in the presentation made ​​at the recent Star Awards 2005 Billboard Latin Music, held in Miami