bill reid

  • the birth of a master

    the birth of a master
    bill reid was born on jan 12 1920 he new that from the start that he would be intrested in his mothers tribe. He would turn out to be a amazing atrist and a amazing person
  • familey

    his parents were different his father was amarican and his mother came from a tribe called Raven/Wolf Clan of T'anuu. they both loved there son very much and were very good parents
  • bills specail

    billl reid isamazing he specailizes in jewlary making writing and the best of all sculputar making he studeyd making jewlary at ryerstion university and is very good at it to. one of his most famouse books is the raven stole the light
  • bill can paint

    bill reid can also paint but when he does it always resembals his mothers tribe. he paints very cool animals like for exampel a raven that can turn into anything most comanly known as in story form the raven that stole te light
  • the anouncer

    in 1948 bill reid was hired for a raido anouncer he hade this ob for quiet a while . his anouncer job was for cbc raido and he was very good at it to until he took up art
  • the study

    Edenshaw Made the same type of work as Bill Reid did it was all based on aberigonal storeys. som of Edenshaws work looked alot like bill reids Spirit of Haida Gwaii. also Edenshaws was a carver to but he also painted just like bill reid.
  • raven steals the light

    bill reid was also a writer and was very good at it. Th e raven steals the light is a mith that was told in many dffernt ways. bill reids version was alot a like in many ways but it was also different like every other ones version.
  • Spirit of Haida Gwaii

    this piece is amazing and it resembel the art of his mother tribe. He taks great intrest in his mother s back round he only makes art about and the pirit of haida gwaii was his most famouse pice of art it resembals a old drawing of people in a jade conue.Also the spirit of hadia gwaii is also on the 20 dollar bill and is a very well known pice of art work
  • the bear mother

    this pice of art is amazing. It resembals a women on a bear and it is like it is telling it were to go and what to do so it is like the mother is controling it with her mind
  • jewlery

    bill went to Ryerson Institute of Technology to study making jewlary and when he did make jewlary it always resembals what they ware in his mothers tribe.
  • logging

    on his final yesr bill reid partistaped in puting log baracades that saved the Gwaii Haanas (South Moresby) he also stopped work on the sculpture in Washington during this period to protest the destruction of the forests of Haida Gwaii. and by that he him self saved a rain forest
  • achevments

    Reid received honourary degrees from the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, the University of Victoria, the University of Western Ontario, York University, and Trent University. also he was given the abouriganal award for all of his life time ecevments and was made a member of the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada.
  • he foute it off

    bill reid died of parkerson desies. thid desies cannot yet be cured and sufferers get worse over time as the normal bodily functions, including breathing, balance, movement, and heart function worsen. this desies is very bad and this man was still producing art wihel have this horibal desies