Karl popper

  • Birth

    Karl Popper was born July 28th 1902 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary
  • Period: to

    Early days and education

    At a young age Popper attended many different lectures about philosophy, psychology and the history of music, Popper was so interested in education and science that he left school and started college at just the young age of 16! He studied and obtained his PhD in philosophy at the University of Vienna.
  • Falsifiability

    Shortly after receiving his PhD, Karl Popper proposed an idea in which he called 'falsifiability'. He proposed that everything we know or everything that we think we know can be or willl be contradicted by even greater technologies and experiments. He believed that nothing in science is facts and that it is jus a proposed idea that we accept until it is disproven. When a theory is rejected by an experiment a scientist must redo their theory or accept that it is no longer true.
  • Death

    Mr. Popper dedicated his entire life to the study of science so much that he continued to work on his philosophy until days before he became ill. He was diagnosed with cancer and eventually had kidney failure. His life has been decorated with many lifetime achievements and awards due to his dedications to science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li0ciaqJ0m0&t=11s