Benjamin Button

  • At Age 70

    Benjamin was born today. A nurse in the hospital said, "It dosen't seem like a joke to us and I don't know whether you're mad or not-but that is most certainly your child" (62).
  • At Age 65

    When Benjamin was 65 (technically five) he was sent to kidnergarten. Benjamin was removed from the school becasue his parents said, "They felt he was too young" (68).
  • At Age 58

    When Benjamin was 58 (12), he insested he was old enough to put on long trousers. "I am grown I want to put on long trousers" (68)
  • At Age 50

    Benjamin gets engaged to Miss Hildegarde Moncrief when he is 50
  • Around age 30 or 40

    Benjamin notices that he is indeed growing younger. He is more uneasy then pleased by this thought and reality. His wife is upset and thinks he is doing it on purpose. He says, "Well everybody says I looks younger then ever" (76).
  • At Age 20

    This is a few years after Benjamin handed the business down to Roscoe. Benjamin enrolled at harvard ( the same place he attended 10 years ago). He had great success at school espicially on the football team. "But his success was largely due to the fact that in the football game with Yale he playes so brilliantly" (78).
  • At Age about 20

    Benjamin graduated from Harvard. His wife was now staying in Italy, so he went to live with Roscoe. Roscoe of course welcomed him but was not exactly happy to see him. Roscoe also thought that he was a child and not his father. Roscoe said "And another thing when visitors are in the house i want you to call me uncle --not Roscoe, but Uncle Do you Understand?" (79).
  • At age about 20

    Benjamin wanted to go back into the war. He went to a shop to get measured for a uniform, but the man laughed at him. After a little fuss he finially got a uniform measured and shipped to his house in a week. The taylor said, "Want to play soldier, sonny?" (80)
  • At About Age 21

    Benjamin goes to a military camp to get back into the army. Two days after he arrives, Roscoe comes to pick him up, becuase no one believes that Benjamin is of age to be in the army. He is getting quite frustrated with everyone who does not believe him. The colonel of that particular camp said to Benjamin, "Whoes little boy are you?" (81)
  • At Age about 15

    Roscoe had his first child. At this time its easy to tell that Benjamin is not as complex as he used to be. He is described as, "the little grubby boy pparantly about ten years of age who played around the house with lead soldiers and a miniture circus" (81).
  • At about age 5 or 10

    Benjamin died. His thoughts were becoming simpler and simpler with each passing day. He can not talk or put together sentences. He cant think very much at all or do anything on his own. He relies completly on his nurse. The last line goes, "Then it was all dark, and his white crib and the dim faces that moved about him, and the warm sweet aroma of the milk, faded out altogether from his mind" (83).