Benjamin Button

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    Benjamin Button's Life

  • Benjamin Button's birth

    He was born with the body of a seventy year old man and he thinks like one too: "He (Mr. Button) was gazing at a man of threescore and ten--a baby of threescore and ten, a baby whose feet hung over the sides of the crib in which it was reposing"(63).
  • Mr. Button wants Benjamin to be a normal baby

    Mr. Button tries to make Benjamin drink milk but he doesnt want to. Benjamin Smokes Mr. Buttons cigars and doesn't play with his toys. These things bother Mr. Button because they make benjamin sceme like abnormal: "It was impossible for Mr. Button to ignor the fact that his son was a poor excuse for a first family baby"(66).
  • Benjamin is sent to kindergarten

    Benjamin is 5 when he is sent to kindergarten, However, he has trouble staying awake. So his parents removed him from school. The author says, "The Button's told their friends that they felt he was too young"(68).
  • Benjamin's twefth year

    Benjamin notices he is different, and he is starting to relize that he is growing younger not older. Benjamin thought to hiwself, " Was the network of wrinkles on his face becoming less pronounced?"(68).
  • Yale

    Benjamin enrolls at Yale college when he is 18. However, his age appearance does not match his age and is kicked out because he looks like a 50 year old man rather than a freshman. The registrar said, "Get out of college and get out of town. You are a dangerous lunitic"(70).
  • Works for dad

    When Benjamin is twenty he works for his dad at the families hardwear store, and meets Hildegarde Moncrief: ". . . Then another young lady, beautiful as sin. . . It was first love"(72).
  • Benjamin joins the army

    During the Spanish-American war Benjamin is 38 and has the body of 32 year old. He decided to join the army, and ". . . he obtained a commission as captain, and proved so adaptable to the work that he was made a major, and finally a lieutenant-colonel just in time to participate in the celebrated charge up San Juan Hill. He was slightly wounded, and received a medal"(75-76).
  • Benjamin Button enrolls at Harvard

    He hands down Roger Button & Co., and he enrolls at Harvard as a freshman at age 50, but he looks 20. He ". . . entered himself as a freshman at Harvard University in Cambridge"(78).
  • Benjamin Button and the Harvard Football team Beat Yale

    Benjamin get his revenge on Yale, after he was kicked out 30 years ago. He has the body of a 20 year old and is a very skilled football player, ". . . he scored 7 touchdowns and 14 field goal for Harvard. . ."(78) and injurs 11 of Yales players. Harvard wins.
  • Doesnt make the harvard football team

    He has the body of a 16 year old and is weaker and shorter then before, he cant maintain his play. barely made the team in 1912. The author says, "In his senior year he did not make the team at all"(78).
  • Benjamin dies

    Benjamin Button dies at the age of seventy in a baby's body. He is unaware of his surroundings or anything else a seventy year old man should be aware of. The author says, "Then it was all dark, and his white crib and the dim faces that moved above him, and the warm sweet aroma of the milk, faded out altogether from his mind"(83).