Bela Bartok´s timeline

  • Bela bartok´s born

  • Period: to

    Bela Bartok´s live

  • hi compound his first work

    Bartók began composing when he was nine years old.
  • He start studying in a academy

    the academy where he had study was called "Royal Academy of Music" in Budapest and he optain a graduate in 1903.
  • He made a opera called Bluebeard’s Castle

    He dedicated it to his wife called Marta. Based on the French fairy tale Bluebeard
  • work

    He made the orchestra called Dance Suite in 1923.
  • The academy and a work

    The academy and a work
    He continued to teach at the Academy of Music until his resignation in 1934
    He created a new work called: Cantata profana in 1934.
  • Personal accounts

    He stabilizes his financial situation with a visiting professorship at Harvard, in 1943.
  • Bela Bartok´s died

    he died because of a long illness when he was 64 years old.