Beethoven Timeline

  • The croissant

    The kipfel roll invented by Viennese bakers arrives at Paris. Marri Antoinette was the person who made it famous in Paris. French bakers turned the kipfel into the croissant that will become a traditional french breakfast treat. A croissant is a type of pastry, classically made with puff pastry dough so that it is light, flaky, and extremely buttery.
  • The beginnig

    The beginnig
    Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on December 16th, 1770. He was born in the city Bonn of the Electorate of Cologne. His parents were Johann van Beethoven, and Maria Magdalena Keverich. He got baptized December 17th, 1770. (Jacobs 24)
  • 'The Members of the Royal Academy'

    'The Members of the Royal Academy'
    The painting was painted by Johann Zoffany. The painting describes the royal academy in France. The Academy was for educating young artists with sculptures and live models.
  • 'The Rivals' Play

    'The Rivals' Play
    The play was written by irish Richard Brinsley Sheridan. It came out January 17th. The premiere was at london'es Royal Theather in Convent Garden. He was 23 of age and it was Sheridan's first play. It was also a comdey kind of play.
  • Little Mozart

    Little Mozart
    Beethoven started learning piano at the age of 4. He was very talented for his age. Johann, his father forced him to play at a concert in Koeln. Ludwig was 8 years old when he played in his own concert. That was the start for the kid who will become a great composer one day. (Lockwood 457)
  • First teacher

    First teacher
    Beethoven had his first real teacher which was Christian-Gottlob Neefe. Ludwig was very advanced and he amazed Neefe. Neefe became a great admirer of Beethoven, the next year he wrote in a magazine that Beethoven is going to be the next Wolfgang Mozart. (The picture represents Neefe, beethoven's teacher). (Kirby 180)
  • The First hydrogen ascension balloon

    The First hydrogen ascension balloon
    French Physicist Jacques Charles Launched the first hydrogen ascension balloon. He was 41 years old when he launched it. The balloon exceeded the earlier Montgolfier hot air balloon in time in the air and distance traveled.
  • New place

    New place
    Beethoven moved to Vienna that year because he wanted to get taught by Mozart. His hopes came true because Mozart accepted to teach Beethoven. Many say that Beethoven did not get taught by Mozart. Learning from Mozart showed the world how different Beethoven was with his styles. He had a hard time with some teachers because he was very different. (Jacobs 34-36)
  • The tragic death

    The tragic death
    Unfortunatly, Beethoven had to go back to Bonn because of the tragic death of his mother Magdalena. She was only fourty one years old when she died. Magdalena died because of tuberculosis, due to low nutrition in the family. That was the reason because Johann would spend all the money he gets in local taverns. (Beethoven)
  • Back to Vienna

    Back to Vienna
    When Beethoven moved to Vienna he never went back to Bonn. At Vienna, Beethoven took lessons with Haydn, after that he took lessons with Albrechtsberger and Salieri. Everyone in Vienna was very impressed and intrested in Beethoven's music. His talnest attracted people with playing piano. Two years later, Beethoven composed his opus 1, three trios for piano. In 1795, he got to play in public for the first time which was very signifacant. (Lockwood 458)
  • Earthquake in Cusco

    Cusco in Spain's vice royalty of Peru and Quito in the vice royalty of nEw Granada shudder in severe earthquakes. It took out up to 41,000 lives on February 4th. It happened at 12:30 in the morning. It also had 7.3 Magnitude.
  • Hearing problems

    That year Beethoven noticed that he is having a hearing problem. When the premiere of the ninth symphony came out he couldn't hear anything which made him really depressed. The next year he tried to commit suicide but failed. The hearing loss was significant because when he tried to preform "Emperor' concerto he failed, and never preforme in public again. (Beethoven)
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana purchase happened on April 30th 1803, in the treaty of Paris. Robert Livingston and James Monroe were going to pay France up to $10 million for the port of New Orleans and the Floridas.
  • Fidelio

    The opera 'Fidelio' premiered in 1805. It's said to have been a disaster . The people did not applause when it ended. After that Beethove shortened it from 3 acts to 2. In 1806 it came out more successful than the premiere preformance. Fidelio had a lot Mozart in it as well. This opera is very significant because it was his only opera and it was a disaster at the beginning but got more fans later on. (All About Beethoven)
  • Karl

    After Carl, beethoven's brother died. Ludwig wanted to become the legal guardian of Karl, Carl's son. When Beethoven won in court against Karl's mother. Karl tried to run away a lot of times to see his mother, but Beethoven wouldn't let him. Also he wanted Karl to be a musician but it turned out he had no music talent at all. He tried to commit suicide with 2 pistols but failed and left Beethoven to go to military career. (Jacobs 42)
  • The end

    The end
    Beethoven died on march 26th, 1827. He died at the age of 56. Also it is said that Beethoven died because of lead poisoning. His funeral was held three days after and a lot of people showed up. He also wrote a testimony and will to go to his nephew Karl. (Lockwood 461)