Beethoven Timeline

  • Baptism

    Born in Bonn, part of the Holy Roman Empire, to Johann van Beethoven
  • Beethoven Starts playing the piano and violin

    He is first tutored by his father, followed by Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer and Franz Rovantini.
  • First Public Peformance

    His first public recital
  • First publication

    A set of keyboard variations are published with the help of Christian Gottlob Neefe
  • Joseph Haydn

    He was introduced to him as Haydn passed by Vienna around Christmas time.
  • Moved to Vienna

    He moved to Vienna, probably with the Elector, Maximillian Franz's help
  • Public Peformance in Vienna

    He peformed a piano concerto here.
  • Beginning of hearing problems

    He starts to suffer from tinnitus, making appreciating and composing music harder.
  • Period: to

    Teaches Carl Czerny

    carl later became a renowned music teacher, instructing Franz Liszt
  • Writes Heiligenstadt Testimonial

    He writes this to his brothers about his thoughts about suicide
  • Stops peforming in public

    He failed to performed his own Piano Concerto No. 5 (The Emperor)
  • Death of Carl

  • Death