beauty through the ages

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    wonderful women through time

  • 1950s poodle skirt

    1950s poodle skirt
    Women in the 50s started wearing long full skirts with the silhouette of a poodle on it. they came in many colours but hot pink and bright red were the most popular.
  • 1950s style skirt and jacket

    1950s style skirt and jacket
    in the 1950s the started wearing more form fitting clothes.
  • 1960s mini skirt

    1960s mini skirt
    gowns made way for mini skirts and close fitting waistlines.
  • 1960s stellettos

    1960s stellettos
    stilettos became famous in the 1960s because women loved to match them with their crazy stripped and plaid dresses.
  • 1970s hot pants

    1970s hot pants
    hot pants first became a popular fashion during the 1970s and were often worn to disco clubs during these years. they were not only worn in the clubs they were also fashinable out on the streets.
  • 1970s jeans

    1970s jeans
    in the 1970s bell bottom jeans were in high demand. because of the sylish new look they created. it was even better if they had frayed edges!
  • 1980s leg warmers

    1980s leg warmers
    leg warmers were worn mostly in conjuntion with mini skirts. in the 80s everyone with some sence of fashion had at least 4 pairs. they are a pair of thick and comfy socks without feet.
  • 1980s massive earings

    1980s massive earings
    huge earring from various custom jewelry collections were all the rage and if they didn't touch your shoulders then they werent long enough.