Battle of Iwo Jima

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    Battle of Iwo Jima

  • New Japanese General

    New Japanese General
    In June 1944, Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi was assigned to command the defense of Iwo Jima.
  • U.S. Starts Bombing Iwo Jima

    U.S. Starts Bombing Iwo Jima
    The U.S began the bombing of Iwo Jima that would last for almost a year to weaken the island's defense. Before the actual invasion there was a three day shelling of the island. The purpose of the bombing was to attempt to destroy the vast network of tunnels.
  • Underwater Demolition Team 15 Sent for Reconnaissance

    Underwater Demolition Team 15 Sent for Reconnaissance
    Two days after the bombing of the island the U.S. sent the Underwater Demolition Team 15 for Reconnaissance. The japanese
  • Japanese Artillery

    Japanese Artillery
    Japanese Artillery opened fire on 12 LCI gunboats
  • First landing on Iwo Jima Beach

    First landing on Iwo Jima Beach
    30,000 troops landed on Iwo Jima at 8:59am, the Japanese didnt fire till everyone was on the beach.
  • The Flag Raising

    The Flag Raising
    Mount. Suribachi was completely cut off from the island. 6 soldiers reached the top and raised the flag later that day.The soldiers wereIra Hayes, Franklin Sousley , Michael Strank , John Bradley, Rene Gagnon and Harlon Block
  • Past the beaches

    Past the beaches
    After days of fighting flamethrowers and tanks destroyed the bunkers which put up a challenge cause they were strategically dug. The U.S. forces managed to get past the beaches greatly increasing our chances of succes.
  • Mount Suribachi

    Mount Suribachi
    This was a key moment in the capture of hill 362. It held such importance that the Japanese organized a counterattack the following night. Although Kuribayashi had forbidden the suicide charges familiar with other battles in the Pacific, the commander of the area decided on a banzai charge with the optimistic goal of recapturing mount Suribachi.
  • Island is Clear

    The island was declare cleared at 6:00pm. The only thing left to do was attack the stronghold.
  • American Aftermath

    American Aftermath
    Iwo Jima was also the only U.S. Marine battle where the American casualties exceeded the Japanese. The 36-day (Iwo Jima) assault resulted in more than 26,000 American casualties, including 6,800 dead.
  • Japanese Aftermath

    Japanese Aftermath
    Of the 22,060 Japanese soldiers entrenched on the island, 21,844 died either from fighting or by ritual suicide. Only 216 were captured during the battle. After Iwo Jima, it was estimated there were no more than 300 Japanese left alive in the island's warren of caves and tunnels.
  • The End of the Stronghold

    The End of the Stronghold
    The marines destroyed the Japanese stronghold with 4 tons of explosive.
  • USS Bismark Sunk

    USS Bismark Sunk
    USS Bismark sunk this day. This was the last US battleship sunk in WW2, 318 crewmen died.