Barack Obama presidency

  • Barack's inauguration

    Barack's inauguration
    Barack Obama wins the US presidential election and becomes the first African American president of the United States.
  • The day he toke office

    The day he toke office
    This day meant a lot to America,history, and Barack's family and friends. Also he was the first presidentt to be born out of the contigouous United States.
  • And the winner is...?

    And the winner is...?
    Barack won the Noble peace prize, and later stated that he was "suprised" and "humbled".70.1% of respondents later said "It was too early to judge his suitability for the award".
  • He passed the Health Care reform

    He passed the Health Care reform
    This act made health care more affordble for families. picture;
  • Propsoed 2010 Budget

    Propsoed 2010 Budget
    This is including cuts of $7 billion which is about (0.5% of the $3.4 trillion budget)
  • The death of Osama Bin Laden

     The death of Osama Bin Laden
    This day will be marked down in history as one of America's biggest defeats. Osama was a terrorrist that America yurned to take down.
  • General Motors' Bankruptcy

    General Motors' Bankruptcy
    General Motors, the US's biggest carmaker, files for bankruptcy, the biggest manurfacturing collapse in the US history. Obama's restructing plan will see the US government owning 60%.
  • State of Union Address

    State of Union Address
    This is an annual speech for Obama. He later attended a session of Congress.
  • Executive Order

    Executive Order
    This order was aimed at freezing the assets of Iranian government and financial institutions.
  • The ''STOCK'' gets signed

    The ''STOCK'' gets signed
    Barack signs the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act for various reaons.
  • Gay marriage

    Gay marriage
    He said his administration would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. He believed it was unconstitutional. He now shows support.
  • US-Israel Enhanced Security

    US-Israel Enhanced Security
    The president signs the US-Israel Enhanced Security Co-operation Act in the oval office.
  • Veterans and Camp Lejeune

    Veterans and Camp Lejeune
    Barack signs the Honoring America's Veteran's and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012 into law.