Atomic Theory Timeline

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  • 460


    460 BC-370 BC** One of the two founders of ancient atomist theory.
  • Antoine Lavisier

    Antoine Lavisier
    Created a theory of matter stating matter is not improved of denied.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    Daltons atomic theory. Matter cannot be created or destroyed.
  • J.J. Thomson

    J.J. Thomson
    Dicovery of electon
  • Cathode Ray Tube

    Cathode Ray Tube
    Trasmitted crude the geometrical patterns onto the television screen. Created by Russian scientist Boris Rosing.
  • Gold Foil Experiment

    Gold Foil Experiment
    Demonstrated the existence of the atomic nucleus, downfall of plum pudding model, development of Rutherford model. Performed by Hanns Geiger and Ernest Marsden under direction of Ernest Rutherford.
  • Plum Pudding Atomic Model

    Plum Pudding Atomic Model
    By J.J Thomson who discovered the electron. The plums negativly charged and the pudding positivly charged.