Atomic Theory Time Line

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  • Period:

    The Development of the Atomic Theory

  • 201

    Scrodinger & Heisenberg

    Scrodinger & Heisenberg
    In the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics, the quantum state is the most complete description that can be given to a physical system.
  • 382

    Aristotle 382 BC

    Aristotle 382 BC
    Aristotle disagreed with the prevailing theories of the time. He wan not able to see how atoms could stay in perpetual motion in a void. He developed a theory that was based on the four elements.
  • 440

    440 BCE Democritus

    440 BCE Democritus
    A Greek philosepher who believed that if you cut an Atom enough it canot be split any more.
  • Dalton's Theory

    Dalton's Theory
    His Theory States:
    1. Atoms are smallparticles that canot be created divided or distroyed.
    2. Atoms of the same element are identical, and atoms of diferent Elements are Different
    3.Atoms join together to make new substances
  • Thomson's Discovery of Electrons

    Thomson's Discovery of Electrons
    thomson Discovered that there are small particles inside Atoms. This means that atoms can be devided into smaller parts
  • Rutherford

    Thomsons student Ernest Rutherford decided to test Thomson's Theory by aiming positivly charged particles at a sheet of gold and seeing how they deflect of it. most of the particals went strait through.
  • Rutherford

    rutherford proposed that the center of and Atom is extreamly dence, + charged part called the nucleus
  • Bohr

    Bohr studied how atoms react to light. his study led him to decide that Electrons move around the Nucleus in certain paths.