Atomic theory

Atomic Theory

  • Birth of John Dalton

    Birth of John Dalton
    Born in Eaglesfield, Cumberland County, England .
  • John Dalton: Acceptation in Manchester's Literay and Philosophical Society

    elected a member of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, the "Lit & Phil", and a few weeks later he communicated his first paper on "Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours", in which he postulated that shortage in colour perception was caused by discolouration of the liquid medium of the eyeball
  • John Dalton becomes Secretary of MLPS

    In 1800, Dalton became a secretary of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society
  • John Dalton: Experimental Esaays

    He orally presented an important series of papers, entitled "Experimental Essays" on the constitution of mixed gases; on the pressure of steam and other vapours at different temperatures, both in a vacuum and in air; on evaporation; and on the thermal expansion of gases.
  • John Dalton: Publishing of Essays

    These four essays were published in the Memoirs of the Lit & Phil in 1802.
  • John Dalton: Anouncing His Ideas

    One hundred years ago, on October 21, 1803, John Dalton gave this Society the first announcement of his famous atomic theory
  • John Dalton: Died

    Died in his bed and was found by his attendant
  • J.J Thompson: Birthday

  • J.J. Thompson: Birth

  • Maria Curie: Birth

    Maria Curie: Birth
  • J.J. Thompson: Enrolled at Owens College

  • Rutherford: Born

    Rutherford: Born
  • J.J. Thompson: Enter Trinity college, Cambridge as a minor scholar

  • J.J. Thompson: Became a Lecturer

  • Niels Bohr: Birth

    Niels Bohr: Birth
    Born in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Rutherford: Entered Nelson Collegiate School

  • J.J. Thompson: Became a fellow of Trinity College

  • Rutherford: was awarded a scholarship for the University of New Zealand

  • Maria Curie: Sttudies

    went to Paris to continue her studies in which she obtained a degree in Physics & Mathmatical Sciences
  • Rutherford: graduated with M.A. in Math & Physical Science

  • Rutherford: awarded an Exhibition Science Scholarship to work under J.J. Thompson

  • Maria Curie: Married

    married Professor in the school of Physics, Pierre Curie
  • Rutherford: Married Marry Newton

  • Maria Curie: Doctor of Science

    Maria Curie: Doctor of Science
    She recieved her Doctor of Science degree
  • Rutherford: became Langworthy Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester

  • Rutherford: research led to his concept of the nucleus in an atom anf the way things around it act

  • Niels Bohr: Recieved doctorate

    Recieved doctorate in physics from University of Copenhagen
  • Niels Bohr: Traveling

    Traveled to Manchester, England and studied under Ernest Rutherford
  • Rutherford: joined Niels Bohr and adopted his idea of the nuclear structure

  • Niels Bohr: Published

    Published a theory about the structure of the atom
  • Niels Bohr: Professor

    Became a professor of physics at the University of Copenhagen
  • Niels Bohr: Director

    Named director of the newly constructed Institute of the Theoretical.
  • Niels Bohr: Nobel Prize

    won the Nobel Prize for physics, for the work on atomic structure
  • Maria Curie: Awarded

    President Hoover gave her $50,000 in order for her to buy radium for use in a lab.
  • Maria Cure: Death

  • Rutherford: Died