Atomic Sturcture_Maresca and Connor

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    Democritus' Atomic ModelMatter is composed of small particles called "atoms" that could be divided no further. Atoms are indivisible.
  • Lavoisier

    Law of Conservation of Mass(Matter)He made measurements of a chemical change in a sealed container. Founded the Law of Conservation of Mass.
  • Proust

    Law of Definite ProportionsHe is a French chemist who founded the Law of Definite Proportion.
  • Dalton

  • Thomson

    Cathode Ray Tube
    He used the cathode ray experiment and found that electrons and protons exist.
  • Rutherford

    Gold Foil ExperimentPlum Pudding Model
    He revised the plum pudding model and the gold foil experiment concluded that atoms must be mostly empty space, they have a small dense center, and the nucleus must be positively charged since alpha particles are positive.
  • Millikan

    Oil Drop ExperimentRobert A. Millikan was an American experimental physicist, and Nobel laureate in physics for his measurement of the charge on the electron.
  • Chadwick

    Chadwick's atomic modelChadwick proved the existence of the neutron