Atomic Model timeline

Timeline created by Bellabella2468
  • -442 BCE


    Made an atomic theory about the universe. his theory was about the modern principles of the conservation of energy and the irreducibility of the matter
  • -427 BCE


    Plato found out that Ether is another thing that belonged on the periodic table. That the sun, stars and planets are all made up of ether.
  • -384 BCE


    He found out what the four elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air
  • Robert Boyle

    Robert Boyle
    He found the relationship between volume and pressure and he called it Boyle's Law. Basically means that the more pressure there is the less volume will be there
  • The Alchemists

    The Alchemists
    They developed a theory about how all metals are made up of mercury and sulfur and how its possible to change a base metal into gold.
  • Lavoisier

    He figured out that an element of a simple substance can not be broken down. He made a theory that the formation of a chemical compound from elements.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    He came up with the theory that matter is composed up of different weights. They combine when the weight is a simple ratio. He also created the Billiard Ball Model.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev

    Dmitri Mendeleev
    He founded the first periodic table. That made great contributions to the atom. Out of the periodic table he created he said that there were more that still needed to be discovered.
  • The Curies

    The Curies
    He and his wife came up with the theory that radioactive materials can cause atoms to break down and then they release radiation as energy and particles.
  • J.J. Thomson

    J.J. Thomson
    He came up with the theory that energy is radiated in small units and they can be called quanta. He created the plum pudding model. He thought that the atom had a fluid in it that was positively charged with electros that were negatively charged and were floating in the liquid. He had discovered this by using a cathode ray tube.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    He was known for his theories of relativity. He came up with the particle nature of light.
  • Robert Millikan

    Robert Millikan
    He came up with how o deal with the fundamentals of the universe and how the forces can exert one another, and how they can become forces.
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Ernest Rutherford
    He envisioned an atom to look like a miniature solar system. The electrons circling around the nucleus which was mostly empty space.
  • Neils Bohr

    Neils Bohr
    He made a model where the electron was only moving around the nucleus in certain orbits. It used the quantum theory. He used it to explain hydrogen.
  • Henry G. J. Mosely

    Henry G. J. Mosely
    He was an English physicist and he demonstrated that major properties of an element are determined by the atomic number. The atomic weight is not as important.
  • Werner Heisenberg

    Werner Heisenberg
    He discovered that the state of one single particle cannot be known. By state he means position and momentum.
  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Erwin Schrodinger
    He was an Austrian physicist and he came up with this thing called the electron cloud model. The cloud part is showing where an electron will be found.