Atomic Model Development

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    Democritus belived all matter consistd of small particles that could not be divided. He called the particles atoms. He called them this because in greek this word means uncut or indivisble.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    John pictures atoms as tiny, indestructible particles, with no internal structure.
  • J.J. Thomson

    J.J. Thomson
    He discoverd the electron. He pictures electrons embedded in a sphereof positive electric charge.
  • Hantaro Nagaoka

    Hantaro Nagaoka
    He sugest that a atom has a central nucleus. Electons move in orbits like the rings around saturn.
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Ernest Rutherford
    He states a atom has a dense, positively charged nucleus. Electrons move randomly in the space around the nucleus.
  • Werner Heisenberg & Erwin Schrodinger

    Werner Heisenberg & Erwin Schrodinger
    Developed a mathamatical equations to describe the motion of electons in atoms. His work lead to the electron cloud model.
  • James Chadwick

    James Chadwick
    He confirms the exsitence of neotrons that have no charge and protons that have a charge.
  • Neils Bohr

    Neils Bohr
    Electrons move in spherical orbits at fixed distances from the nucules.