Atimic timeline

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In History
  • -500 BCE

    the Alchemists

    The Alchemist started extolling the atomic theory after the death of Aristotle. He didn't make common items into gold as he wanted but he made the scientific process which aloud for the discovery of the atom
  • -460 BCE


    He was famuse for his atom theory. He beleved that atomsbroke down mathmadicly into triangles. They formed elents likefie, water, air, and earth
  • -322 BCE


    He also believed that everything was a combination of the four elements, earth, fire, water, air. He theorist that there was mass everywhere he called hyle.
  • Robert Boyle

    He is best known for Boyle's law, It describes relationships between volumes of gasses in a controlled environment
  • lavoisier

    Antoine Lavoisier did experiments to find the total mass of products and reactants,in these expungements the mass always came out the same. this led to the law of conservation of mass.
  • john dalton

    john dalton
    He proposed that everything was made of atoms. while all atoms were the same different elements ad different size and mass.
  • dmitri mendeleev

    Mendeleev found at if you put all the elements in order of atomic weight theirs a a pattern. this created the periodic table.
  • jj thomson

    jj thomson
    experiments with cathode ray tubes sowed that atoms contain tiny negatively charged. Thomson proposed the plum pudding model of the atom.
  • The curies

    Marie Curie was a chemise who studded radio ativity. he found the number of rays emitted from uranium is proponent to the amount of uranium
  • albert einstein

    Albert Einstein theorized that liquid was made up of molecules, these molecules were always in careless random motion.
  • ernest rutherford

    ernest rutherford
    he discovered radioactive decay. he also discovered alpha and beta rays
  • robert millikan

    Millikan began experiments to find the charge of a single electron. he started by measuring the course of charged water droplets in an electric field, he found that all of the drops had charges that were multiples of a single number, the fundamental charge of the electron.
  • henry gj moseley

    He descend the squares of whole numbers that are equal to the atomic number, this is Moseley's law.
  • Neils Bohr

    Neils Bohr
    Neils Bohr won a Nobel prize after proposed a theory for the hydrogen atom based on quantum theory that energy. He created the model of the atom
  • werner heisenberg

    He helped with atomic theory through formulating quantum mechanics. he was discovering the uncertainty principle.