Atif aslam

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  • Birth

    Atif aslam was born on 12 march 1983 into a muslim arain family in wazriabad of gujrawala district punjab pakistan
  • Education

    He got educated in larkana he first went to kindergarden at kimberley hall school he moved to rawalpindi where he continued his studies in st.pauls cambirdge school lahore . He started his FSC in PAF inter college lahore he is also a holder of bachelors degree.
  • Singer

    On 17 july 2004 the first album titled "jalpari" was released on the out set album stood on the success of "aadat" but as the week progressed it was made clear to everyone he wasn't merely a one hit wonder .atif came up with is own sound his unique vocal capabilities and powerfull rendition elevated him to stardom within a week
  • Rewards

    In 2008 he received the " tamgha-e-imtiaz" in 2019 he was awarded with a star in The Dubai Walk of fame upon his nomitions for the best singer in pakistan he has won 6 lux style awards in 5 filmfare niminations .
  • Vocal capabilities

    Vocal capabilities
    All he had was talent and passion to be a musician he was courageous enough to sing in his own style without giving an ear to his directors basically it can be said that atif aslam has turned out to be one of the greatest whizzes of pakistan under a long time since beginning his musical profession
  • Spotlight

    In spite of the fact that atif is a demigod in front of an audience and regardless of all super fame and spotlight he adores leading an existence of an average citizem with modest nature . Atif is like wise known to have a decent comical inclination and extremely humble