Astronomy historical figure timeline

  • Jan 1, 1543

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    He was the first person to say that the earth wasnt the center of the universe, but the sun was more likely. little did he know that the sun wasnt the center of the universe either!
  • Tycho Brahe

    He used quadrants to help measure the distance of the planets and stars. (there were no telescopes)
  • Galileo Galilei

    He discovered that all objects fall at the same rate no matter what their mass is. (I personally dont believe this because a bowling ball falls much faster than a feather)
  • Isaac Newton

    He did many things but he invented the telescope.
  • Edmund Halley

    Discovered that Halleys comet returns once every 76 years.
  • William Herschel

    Built a 48 inch telescope to help see furter into space. It was the largest for 50 years.
  • Edwin Hubble

    He was the person who proved A.I. comisoligical constant to be wrong.
  • Albert Einstein

    Einstien effected many things but he mainly changed the thought on the nature of light, gravity, and time.
  • Claudius Ptolemy

    Claudius Ptolemy was the first well known astronmer and helped create over 40 of the constilations in our sky today.