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As Time Goes By....

  • Birth

    Birth coincides with the Bicentennial. but does not get the same fanfare.
  • The Boomerang Incident

    The Boomerang Incident
    Earliest memory is of accidentaly throwing older brother's new boomerang onto the road where it is subsequently run over.
  • The Greatest Gift...

    The Greatest Gift...
    Mother surprises Jeremy with his first ever G.I. Joe action figure. A lifelong obsession is born.
  • Year of the Cardiac Pack

    Year of the Cardiac Pack
    Watches his beloved N.C. State Wolfpack win the National Championship. Afterwards they reward his loyalty with nearly 25 years of mediocrity
  • The General enters his life....

    The General enters his life....
    Jeremy finds and has his mother buy what will become his favorite toy of all time.
  • Graduation

    Jeremy graduates from West Craven High School.
  • College

    Jeremy starts collegiate career. It lasts until 1998 when forces beyond his control force him to withdraw.
  • Unfortunate choice

    Unfortunate choice
    Jeremy makes the unfortunate choice of working retail. He is stuck at his job for the next 10 years.
  • Y2K

    Jeremy survives.
  • Married

    Jeremy finally makes a good decision.
  • The good decisions continue.

    The good decisions continue.
    Jeremy finds himself at a crossroads. He makes the decision to leave his job and return to college to finish what he started in 1994.
  • The House that Jack built

    The House that Jack built
    Life gets even better when Jeremy and his wife are blessed with a little boy. Welcome Jackson....
  • End of the Mayan calendar

    End of the Mayan calendar