• Birth of Antonio Vivaldi

    Birth of Antonio Vivaldi
    He born in Venice.
    He was a Italian composer and violinist.
  • Enter the seminary

    Enter the seminary
    Antonio entered a seminary and he received his first religious orders.

    He was ordained a priest. Although forced to stop being a priest because he had severe asthmatic condition or possible heart problems.
  • Publication of their works.

    Publication of their works.
    The publisher Estienne Roger printed most of the works of Vivaldi, over 500 throughout his life.
  • L'estro armonico

    L'estro armonico
    L'estro armónico
    Opus 3 L'estro armonico: 12 concerts for various combinations. The most famous are the n. # 6 for violin in A minor, no. No. 8 for 2 Violins in A minor, and n. º 10 for 4 Violins in B minor
  • He began traveling.

    He began traveling.
    From 1713 Vivaldi as composer and businessman from operas in Venice, traveling to Rome, Mantua and other cities to monitor the representations of his operas.
  • Ottone in Villa

    Ottone in Villa
    Ottone in villa
    Vivaldi's first opera we know was Ottone in Villa, presented in 1713.
  • Concert master

    Concert master
    He was appointed concert master of the institution. He worked there as a choir director and master of concerts.
  • II gardellino

    II gardellino
    II gardellino
    It is the only collection written for an instrument other than the violin. It was also the first collection of flute concertos ever published, six concerts in total, and was commissioned by his editor of Amsterdam to mitigate the fury scorching by this new instrument in the 1720
  • The Four Seasons

    The Four Seasons
    The four seasons
    The Four Seasons was published in Amsterdam in 1725. That's four violin concertos, each called with the name of a season.
    The four concerts are part of a larger collection of twelve concertos called Il Cimento e del'inventione dell'Armonia
  • Orlando furioso

    Orlando furioso
  • La Cetra

    La Cetra
    La Cetra
    Opus 9 La Cetra: 12 concerts (eleven for violin and one for 2 violins).
  • Il pastor fido

     Il pastor fido
    II Pastor Fido
    Opus 13 II pastor fido: 6 sonatas for musette, viola, flute, oboe or violin, and basso continuo
  • Antonio Vivaldi is master.

    Antonio Vivaldi is master.
    He composed concerts and oratorios for concerts weekly through which it secured international fame, but with frequent interruptions for his work as a businessman and opera composer.
  • Death of Antonio Vivaldi

    Death of Antonio Vivaldi
    Finally on July 28, 1741, Antonio Vivaldi died.