• Birth

    He was born in Trenton, New Jersey.
  • Graduate High School

    He was top in his class when he graduated in 1953 from St. Francis Xavier in New York.
  • Graduates with History Degree

    Scalia graduated from Georgetown University with a history degree and valedictorian and summa cum laude honors.
  • Graduates from Harvard

    After he graduated from Georgetown he attended Harvard where he graduated with a magna cum laude. He was a notes editor for the Harvard Law Review. He became a Sheldon Fellow which allowed him to travel over to Europe for a year.
  • Got Hitched

    He married Maureen McCarthy and had 9 children together.
  • First job at law offices of Jones, Day, Cockley & Reavis

    His first job was at these law offices in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Moves the Family

    He takes a job at the University of Viginia law school and moves his family down to Charlottesville.
  • appointed General counsel

    President Nixon appointed him general counsel for the Office of Telecommunications Policy where he helped formulate regulations for the cable television industry.
  • appointed Assistant Attorney General

    Scalia was confirmed by the senate and appointed Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Council. He testified before congressional committees on behalf of the Ford administration over executive privilege
  • Appointed to the Supreme Court

    Raegan appointed Scalia in 86 upoon the retirement of Chief Justice Warren Burger.
  • Rose v Arkansas State Police

    After an Arkansas State Trooper was killed in the line of duty, his wife received a $50,000 benefit from the Federal Government pursuant to the Public Safety Officers' Death Benefits Act.
  • Death

    At age 79, Scalia passed away in his sleep in Shafter, Texas.